"Tom was an extremely valuable animator on my team at Brazen - not only was he very easy going to work with and was able to hit really solid polish on his shots - but he has this infectious, excited attitude that spread daily throughout the group.  He communicates clearly, makes every effort to learn show style, and offers help to his peers.  Recommended for sure!"
Eric Drobile
Animation Supervisor / Lead Animator
Crash Bandicoot 4: It's About Time
Brazen Animation
To whom it may concern,
We had the pleasure to work with Tom on two short animated films as part of Lego’s Greatest Star Wars Battle Story series. 
He was not only a fast and disciplined animator who took our preliminary ideas for a scene and made them better, but he was also a kind and gracious collaborator. 
We loved working together with Tom and would be lucky to work with him again in the future. If you are thinking of adding Tom to your team, we could not recommend him highly enough!
Tsvet & Jerred
Directors at Afterman
Mentors include: Michal Makarewicz, Nathan Engelhardt, Frank Abney, Malcon Pierce, Sean Sexton, Tom Bancroft, Mark Oftedal, Nick Kondo, Aaron McGriff, Eric Drobile, Bruno Monteiro, Keith Sintay, Jay Jackson, Ethan Hurd, Andrew Park.